Welcome to 3DSA2016 Welcome to 3DSA2016

Three Dimensional Systems and Applications (3DSA) is an international conference on audio-visual 3D technology, systems and applications, where world researchers and engineers come to present and discuss the cutting-edge technologies, systems and applications on 3D Capturing, Processing, Transmission, Storage and Displays.

3DSA is organized by Ultra Realistic Communication Forum (URCF) / The Virtual Reality Society of Japan (VRSJ) in Japan, 3D Interaction & Display Alliance (3DIDA) / Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) / Society for Information Display (SID) Taipei Chapter in Taiwan, and Association of Realistic Media Industry (ARMI) / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) / Korean Society of Broadcast Engineers (KSBE) in Korea.

3DSA conference is held in Taiwan, Japan and Korea in turn since 2009 every year. 3DSA2016 is the 8th conference and is held in conjunction with IDW/AD'16 at Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan in December 7-9, 2016.

The presented papers at 3DSA2016 will be published in proceedings of IDW/AD'16.