Best Paper Awards:

"Projection-Type Holographic Three-Dimensional Display"
K. Wakunami, R. Oi, T. Senoh, Y. Ichihashi, M. Okui, K. Yamamoto (NICT, Japan)

"Parallax Barrier Based Autostereoscopic Display with a Deep Viewing Zone"
H. Kakeya, H. Takahashi, K. Okada (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan)

"Time-Multiplexing Multi-View Three-Dimensional Display Using Virtually Moving Microlens Array"
M.-K. Park, B. Kim, K.-I. Joo, H. Park, Y.-S. Kim*, G. Lee*, H.-R. Kim (Kyungpook Nat. Univ., Korea, *ETRI, Korea)

"Design of Portable LF Display for High-Quality 3D View Generation"
G. Lee, H. Eum, E. Lee, H. Lee, W.-S. Cheong, N. Hur, B. Kim, J. J. Kwon* (ETRI, Korea, *Samsung Display, Korea)

"3D Interactive System Based on Neural Network Training of Dual Cameras"
T.-Y. Lu, X. Li, C.-H. Chen, Y.-P. Huang (Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)

"Waveguide Holograms Attached on LCD Panel for a Hybrid Display System"
W.-K. Lin*,**, B.-S. Lin*, W.-C. Su** (*Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan, **Nat. Changhua Univ. of Education, Taiwan)

Best Poster Awards:

"CNN-Based Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection Using Stereo Camera"
G.-C. Lee, J. Yoo (Kwangwoon Univ., Korea)

"GPU Acceleration of Hologram Generation Based on Ray-Sampling Plane"
H. Sato*,**, T. Kakue*, K. Wakunami**, Y. Ichihashi**, R. Oi**, K. Yamamoto**, T. Shimobaba*, T. Ito* (*Chiba Univ., Japan, **NICT, Japan)

"Mobile-Type Color Binocular Holographic Display System"
K.-J. Oh, M. S. Yoon, H.-G. Choo, J. Kim (ETRI, Korea)

"Digital Cosmetic Coloring System for 3D Facial Images"
M.-H. Lin, Y.-P. Pi, H.-S. Chen, P.-L. Sun, T.-H. Lin (Nat. Taiwan Univ. of S&T, Taiwan)

"Based on Three Dimensional Gesture and Finger of Mid-Air Interaction Interface with OCR Handwriting"
M.-Y. Lee, S.-C. Yang, S.-C. Wang, Y.-C. Fan (Nat. Taipei Univ. of Tech., Taiwan)

"High Definition Spatiotemporal Division Multiplexing Electroholography Using DMD"
M. Fujiwara, N. Takada, C.W. Ooi, Y. Maeda, H. Nakayama*, T. Kakue**, T. Shimobaba**, T. Ito** (Kochi Univ., Japan, *Nat. Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan, **Chiba Univ., Japan)